Snipp it! Drag the scissors to your bookmarks toolbar


What is Snipplist?

Snipplist helps people share and discover information online. You can save interesting information you read online to Snipplist as small text - Snippets - and share it with friends. Discovering information is easy, just follow snippets created by other people. Start your own Snipplist now!


What is a Snippet?
Snippet is a piece of text taken from any website online. It should be something that you think is interesting in the article.
What is Snipplist?
Snipplist is a collection of Snippets people create online. You can login to Snipplist to start creating your own Snippets.
How do I install?
Drag red scissors on top of the page to your bookmarks. See this video for instructions
How to Snipp?
Snipping is easy. After installation you can Snipp text from any website. Just highlight the text on the website, press Snipp it! button and follow instructions in the pop-up window.


Ilari Patrikka, frontend & design
Timo Parkkinen, backend & servers
Kai Lemmetty, users & customers